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Oilseed Preparation

It is necessary to properly prepare the seeds for oil extraction. The seeds are cleaned and pass through a magnetic drum to remove traces of metal. They are then screened to remove other impurities that can interfere with the extraction process. The seeds are either dehulled by cracking and removing the shell or sent for pressing with the shell intact. The seeds are then heated and dried for mechanical pressing, where approximately half to three quarters of oil is removed prior to solvent extraction.


Rotary magnetic drum separator is used for cleaning the ferrous material and impurities from seeds. Carbon steel with dual high power permanent magnets.

Salient Features of Rotary Magnetic:

  • Cling to vertical surfaces
  • No damage to processing equipment
  • High efficiency separation

Seeds are thoroughly cleaned in a seed cleaner to filter impurities like dust, leaves, stems, etc. They are then passed through a de-stoner to remove stones and sand. This removal of unwanted material reduces the down time and increases the life of machines. Cleaning is done in the multi deck seed cleaner. The Cleaner is composed of various sizes screen designed to segregate the different fractions. The aspiration system along with cleaner is used to remove light particles and loose hulls. The light material is then separated from air in cyclone.

Made of steel with sieve boat of laminated wood. With inlet feed roll, pre-aspiration, final aspiration & waste outlet on the right hand side. It consists of Two Sieve boats, each Sieve boat with 1 Short scalping screen layer, 1 long Grading / Sand screen layer. All screens with Rubber ball cleaning. With built-in Fan with Motor & fixed speed drive for the Steve boat with Motor. The Cleaned seeds are then sent to de-stoner for further processing.

Salient Features of Seed Cleaner:

  • Low maintenance
  • Variable speed and flexibility for smooth flow of seeds
  • Suitable for all types of seeds
  • Uniform spreading

The main purpose of De-stoner is to remove seed sized stones which have not been separated by screening. De-stoner’s works on the principle of difference in density to separate heavy stones from lighter seeds. De-stoner consists of vibratory system with aspiration system works on fluidization principle.

Vibratory type mechanism that operates on a vacuum principle, consisting of a steel box frame and sieve slope adjustment. The sieve box is supported on rubber blocks with durable wooden frames, covered with steel screens, aluminium baffles and cleaners. The unit includes a cyclone, air lock and fan and is complete with inspection windows and an adjustable stone separation device.

Salient Features of Destoner:

  • Increases feed material quality
  • Complete with inspection windows
  • Adjustable stone separation device
  • Compact in size and easy to use
  • Eliminates dust emission

To measure, record, and totalize the material feed to the system. Based on well proven principles of weighing & bagging, we have specially designed and developed semi-automatic weighing & bagging machines to cope with wide ranges of free-flowing substances such as rice, soy flakes other industrial as well as food/ field bought materials and also granular or fibrous materials into open bags and containers.

Salient Features of Online Weighing:

  • Stabilizing the flow at the plant inlet.
  • Modular construction to customer requirement.
  • Essential parts in stainless steel for food & corrosive material.
  • Variable speed control unit.

The Purpose of cracking is to primarily reduce the particle size sufficiently to ensure uniform cooking without producing an excessive quantity of fines. Cracking/breaking is achieved either in roller mill (Two pair fluted mill). Also Braked seeds reduce the power required to subsequent processing steps.

Designed with four rolls, it is used to break the seeds into quarter and eight sized pieces comprising of a carbon steel frame and cast alloy rolls of double strand. Two V-belts, drive motor & diverter gate. Hinge-Mounted Permanent magnet.

Salient Features of Cracker:

  • Reduction of wear & tear
  • Suitable for different seed materials
  • Long service life
  • Excellent performance and reliability

The process consists of hulls separation form cracked materials. De- hulling is done in the multi deck seed separator. The de-huller is composed of various sizes screen designed to segregate the different fractions. The aspiration system along with de-huller is used to remove de-hulled loose hulls.

Partial dehulling machine is used to dehull the seeds up to certain percentage to increase the protein content in de-oiled meal.

Salient Features of Partial Dehulling:

  • Suitable for multi-seed dehulling.
  • Smooth dehulling for low fines content.
  • High throughput rates.

Pre-conditioning of cleaned partially de-hulled materials to desire temperature. Objectives of cooking-conditioning are:

  • To rupture oil cell by flushing off intrinsic moisture as steam.
  • To decrease the viscosity of the oil, making easier to remove.
  • To coagulate protein in seeds.
  • To sterilize the seed by destroying enzyme activity and preventing the growth of moulds or bacteria.

Vertical, multi-stage unit with fabricated shell and trays where heating is carried out by indirect steam. The gates operate by a mechanical level system automatically controlling the flow of material and the level in each stage. A central shaft with agitator blades ensure homogenous treatment of the material and prevents burning. A vertical duct extracts exhaust vapor from each stage. Provision is made to adjust final moisture levels of the material by injecting water or direct steam.

Salient Features of Cooker Conditioner:

  • Reducing viscosity and adjusting moisture content
  • Adjustable seed levels and residence time
  • Simple operation
  • Superior tray and shell design provided for years of trouble-free service.

Most seeds are comprised of a tough oil bearing cellular structure which has to be ruptured or weakened prior to cooking and extraction. Oil Extraction is added by passing the seed between smooth rolls to produce flakes of 0.25-0.3 mm. Flaking serve to reduce the cell structure and make the oil more readily available to the press. Flaking increases the surface area available for extraction of oil. Flaker consists of one pair (two roll) chilled cast iron rolls mounted on heavy duty roller bearing. The machine consists of permanent magnet for entrapping any iron particles. The equipment provided with gap adjusting arrangement (hydraulic cylinders) for maintaining the gap between two rolls.

Flakers are normally used to increase the capacity of the screw press / solvent extraction process as well reduce wear & tear.

Salient Features of Flaker:

  • Space and energy reducing design.
  • Quiet, clean and safe operation.
  • Low energy consumption (kWh/t).
  • Adjustable flake thickness during operation
  • High throughputs

Expander is mainly used to prepare collets from soy flakes. Collets increase the porosity which in turn increases percolation of hexane to yield faster and enhanced extraction of oil. Hydraulic auto run with special adiabatic accumulator for better sensitivity of die cone clearance, shock absorbing and pressure compensation. Provided with discharge sleeve, worms, double start feeding with gradual reducing pitch for minimum surge load and easier feed advancement, feed hopper and discharge system and complete with gear box and motor

Salient Features of Expander With feeder Conditioner:

  • Reduction in solvent losses.
  • Steam distribution manifold, steam lines, steam injection valves provided.
  • Reduction in fines generation.

Modular type of construction, which has flexibility to increase capacity in the event of a future plant expansion plan. Machine has one feed module (F) unload module (D) with intermediate Drying (D) and cooling modules. Drying or Cooling (C) modules can be increased in numbers due to modular construction. Each module is sealed so as to avoid mixing of air for better efficiency. It has a continuous chain with S.S. or galvanized M.S. trays to carry material. Every Tenth tray has a heat resistant rubber scraper for self-cleaning of fines accumulated below on the return side of chain and bottom plate. Perforated trays are of special design to give optimum area for flow of hot or cold air and at the same time to maintain air pressure and required velocity. There is a built in screw at the feed end with a chain sprocket shaft, which cleans the material accumulated between the carrying and return side of trays.

Salient Features of Flake/Drier Cooler:

  • Less downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Design considerations for long term maintenance
  • Integral Cooling Options
  • Product quality, stability and high efficiency

A huller and shaker is a machine that separates the hulls from the kernels and the kernels from the seeds. The capacity of the machine can be increased by first dehulling the seeds, which in turn reduces the down time. This process however, is mostly used for cotton and sunflower seeds.

Salient Features of Huller and Shaker:

  • Minimum oil absorption
  • Simplicity of adjustment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Clean cutting action of the huller
  • Efficient separation of meats and hulls

Typically used to separate the hulls and seeds from cracked material, it facilitates minimum oil absorption and best separation of hulls from large meats and uncut seeds. This process is mainly used for cotton and sunflower seeds.

Salient Features of Hulls And Seed Separator:

  • Indigenous automatic feeding arrangement and special stone separating
  • Long sweeping crushing plates
  • Best possible sorting results through high-performance aspiration
  • Minimal down-time
  • Adjustable grate and scientifically designed fan
  • Made of close-grained cast iron

Double Drum Hull Beater is one of a kind separation and screening equipment, which is mainly used in cottonseed pre-treatment to separate the kernel and shell, after it is husked.

Salient Features of Double Drum Hull Beater:

  • Reduces wastage of kernel going with hulls.
  • Simple separation and screening

Decorticator is mainly used in separation of hulls from kernel in case of Groundnut seeds. It increases the capacity of the Expeller (Screw Press) and reduces down time.

Salient Features of Decorticator:

  • Increases the capacity of screw press and reduces down time.
  • Efficient separation of material
  • Superior cutting output.
  • Easy installation

Hammer Mill is mainly used to disintegrate the material to desired size and increase expelling ratio. The hammers (beaters) are rectangular for efficient grinding & are made from hardened alloy steel.

Salient Features of Hammer Mill:

  • Capable of grinding different types of material
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Occupies small space
  • Provides efficient grinding

Hulls screener separates the meats from the hulls and the cleaned hulls are then transferred to the grinding section.

Salient Features of Hulls Screener:

  • Excellent separation results even at high capacities due to large screen area and
    adjustable aspiration devices
  • High operating reliability and availability

This equipment is suitable for separating uncut seeds, meat and hulls. The large hulls get beaten to separate meat. Further on, the uncut seed & hulls get separated in a zig-zag chamber by density difference. This process is mainly used in case of Cotton Seed / Sunflower.

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