Controlled Flow Cavitation System (CFC™)

Process description

Kumar represents Arisdyne for CFC™ Systems. The system utilizes the principle of jet compression and decompression to generate cavitation in a controlled environment to separate heavy phase from lighter phase. The effect of cavitation is improved dispersion and decreased consumption of phosphoric acid, caustic soda and water in the degumming and neutralization processes. This CFC™ technology by Arisdyne Systems is a novel yet proven technology and added benefits of increased oil yield in refining systems.


For soybean, sunflower and rapeseed oil.


  • Efficiently designed systems result in a precise reaction which removes soap stock with minimum oil carryover.
  • The precisely designed process reduces the consumption of acid and water.
  • Water washing removes residual traces of gums and soaps, which reduces adsorbent consumption in bleaching.

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