HVO pre-treatment

HVO pre-treatment
Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), also known as renewable biodiesel, is produced via catalytic hydroprocessing of oil and fats. 
HVO is produced from a wide variety of raw materials containing triglycerides and fatty acids, including waste and residual material such as used cooking oil, acid oil, animal fats (tallow), fatty acid distillate and POME.  
Raw materials must be cleaned before processing for hydrotreating to ensure the longevity of the catalyst used in hydrotreating and increase the life of the downstream process plant.
Pre-treatment involves degumming, adsorption and deacidification to remove metal contaminants, fatty matter and PEG from the feedstock.

HVO is a green renewable fuel that can be used in aeroplanes, cars, trucks, boats, boilers and diesel generator sets

Kumar's Pre-Treatment Plant for HVO Production
Kumar offers customized pre-treatment plants for processing multi-feedstocks to produce HVO.
  • Sturdy construction with minimal operating expenses.
  • The process is similar to oil refining.
  • Designed to process feedstock for HVO production and edible oil refining based on the availability of raw materials.
  • Process various raw materials in the same plant with a multi-feedstock process plant.
  • Can process a wide range of feedstock from crude oil to used cooking oil or waste products.