One of the primary tenets of modern industry is the regular maintenance and upkeep of machines to ensure high-quality production output and equipment longevity.

Extraction and refinery plants are highly efficient and productive machines operated around the clock to manufacture edible oil for human consumption. Like any equipment, these are rugged, heavy-duty machines also undergo wear and tear from normal operations. Since these plants produce oil for human consumption, their status needs to be regularly monitored, and maintenance is carried out whenever necessary.

Experts who can diagnose, repair and maintain heavy equipment and machinery are invaluable and always in high demand. However, not all manufacturing companies find it possible to hire a full-time technical expert and often outsource their maintenance to the original equipment manufacturer or third parties.

AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contract) are yearly agreements between the equipment manufacturers and customers, detailing the various terms and conditions of the regular service and maintenance of the plant. An AMC ensures that your plant receives regular and timely expert maintenance so it can run smoothly over a more extended period.

If you buy a plant from Kumar, we encourage you to sign up for an AMC with us rather than a third party for several reasons:

1. 24/7/365 service

Unexpected breakdowns and inefficiencies in the system can bring your production to a halt and eat into your margins. A Kumar AMC ensures that you have the technical support you need when you need it. At the time of sale, we also recommend which essential spares and accessories to stock and provide basic training to your onsite engineers to troubleshoot simple problems.

2. Reduces system breakdowns and costs

A typical refinery or extraction plant is a combination of multiple systems working in tandem with each other. Unexpected challenges or process malfunctions with any one system can bring the entire plant to a halt. While operational breakdowns are not unfamiliar territory for any manufacturer, the key lies in anticipating the different types of challenges and planning for them. That's where Kumar comes in. Our AMC includes regular check-ins with your site engineers and constant monitoring and process correction. You are thus relieved of the constant worries of your plant breaking down and disrupting production.

3. Maximize equipment life

Buying a refinery or extraction plant requires significant capital. Since it is a one-time asset-building investment, and you will want the best possible ROI. Every piece of equipment has a life expectancy. However, you can increase your plant's longevity and the expected operational life with proper and timely maintenance. An AMC ensures your plant is checked for any operational inefficiency ensures they are addressed immediately. Preventive measures like these improve the life expectancy of your machine.

Kumar has over 80 years of experience in the edible oil processing industry.

With our AMC contracts, we continue to provide service with the same benefits and care for your plants and equipment even after the warranty period.

Our approach is 'proactive' rather than 'reactive' in matters of plant maintenance, ensuring that you are safeguarded against uncertainty and inconvenience.

Here are some tips you can implement yourself to keep your plant in the best condition

  1. Always operate your machinery per the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Ensure the surface of the equipment, especially the surface of the cylinder piston, is clean. Dirt can collect over time and cause mechanical wear and tear and improve operational efficiency.
  3. Make sure the pressure in the oil pump is optimal. If it is too high, it can damage the pressure equipment and accessories.
  4. Keep the minimum required spares for all equipment to avoid any delays or stoppage.
  5. Carry out the preventive maintenance as per the schedule.


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