Specialty Extraction

Kumar’s extraction plants have the flexibility to process several different raw materials (herbal plant material and spices) to produce aqueous and solvent extracts. To retain flexibility and ensure quality most of the process equipment has stainless steel contact parts. Raw materials such as tulsi, ginger grass, lemon grass, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, chilli, annatto seed, black pepper, nutmeg, among others can be processed.

Foreign impurities are removed and the raw materials are disintegrated to a suitable size to facilitate extraction of active ingredients.

Extraction processes include

  • Aqueous extraction where steam/water distillation is used to extract essential oils from flowers and herbs. Essential oil are separated from water by decantation.
  • Solvent extraction where depending on the physical nature of the raw materials being processed, a specific solvent  as well as solvent extractor is chosen to extract active ingredients.
  • Solvent recovery where extracted meal and miscella containing active ingredients are sent for separation. The solvent from miscella is recovered under reduced pressure to avoid decomposition of heat sensitive active ingredients, while concentrated product with traces of residual solvent is further processed under high vacuum. Recovered solvent is recirculated. Spent meal after drying can be sold as a by-product or used as boiler fuel or manure.

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