Meal Cooler

Product description

In applications where a separate cooler is needed, KMI’s vertical meal coolers reduce the temperature and moisture of the meal coming out of the Desolventizer Toaster.

Kumar’s Meal Cooler is a vertical, cylindrical multi-compartment vessel designed for the efficient drying and cooling of feed meal to optimum atmospheric temperature. This cooler includes an agitator and air circulation system that consists of hot and cold air blowers, air cyclone, airlock, radiator and air ducting and fitted with a drive with gearbox and motor.

  • Efficient drying and cooling of meal via aspiration system and ideal size and number of perforations.
  • Level transmitter to maintain the compartmental bed height.
  • Efficient blower and air heater per required CFM for lower power consumption.
  • Mechanical door and float system to maintain feed bed height.
  • Size and stages customised to capacity and feed specifications.
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