Unisparge Deodorizer

Product description

Specially designed to remove free fatty acids, odoriferous and unwanted volatile compounds to support the production of highly stable oil. It is a user-friendly design, easier to clean and repair.

Kumar’s UniSparge deodorizer consists of multiple trays specially designed to remove FFA and odoriferous components via steam distillation. The height of the liquid bed is maintained for intimate contact of steam and prevents unnecessary turbulence due to sparge steam.

Optimum retention time avoids the undesired formation of trans-isomers and polymerized products, removes odoriferous substances, and manages the thermo-bleaching effect. Compartments are designed to ensure minimum residual oil after draining and avoid contamination during the stock changeover.

The UniSparge Deodorizer can be combined with Kumar’s External Packed Column, Regenerative Vacuum Heat Exchanger and Final Vacuum Heat Exchanger for physical deodorization. In the case of chemical refining packed column can be excluded.

Deodorization system inclusions
  • packed column specially designed to provide a compact surface area for stripping steam action and even oil distribution ensuring maximum removal of FFA via distillation.
  • a final vacuum heat exchanger to raise the temperature under vacuum and
    avoid thermal/oxidative polymerization UniSparge Deodorizer to deodorize the oil and remove residual FFA and volatile compounds through steam distillation
  • a regenerative vacuum heat exchanger to recover maximum heat from outgoing deodorized oil and heat incoming deaerated oil fed into the deodorizer

NOTE: Companies can now improve their top line with value-added by-products like high FFA content FAD and tocopherol rich distillates by incorporating Kumar’s two-stage Fatty Acid Scrubber.

Working principle

Deodorization is the final stage in the physical or chemical refining process. Deaerated oil from the deaerator passes through the regenerative heat exchanger. Heated oil enters into the final vacuum heat exchanger followed by stripping in structured packing.

In the UniSparge Deodorizer, oil is evenly distributed over the structured packing, and forms a thin layer over the packing surface, while super-heated stripping steam sparges into the deodorizer from the bottom, moving to the top in a counter-current direction with the oil. The deodorizer system is under vacuum. Sparging steam passes through the shallow oil bed, continuously distilling off FFAs and volatile compounds from the hot oil; the vapour is conveyed through the duct to the fatty acid scrubber. Oil from the structured packing enters into retention vessel and passes through the multiple trays equipped with baffles and sparge steam pipes to obtain true retention and uniform distribution of sparge steam.

Technical drawing

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