Ecopure Bleacher

Product description

Kumar’s EcoPure Bleacher is designed for minimum space consumption with a reduced capital cost. Compact Bleacher houses slurry mixer and bleacher in the same vessel. The Bleacher is a compact single vessel that houses a slurry mixer and a bleacher to prepare and bleach earth slurry. It is equipped with a sealed agitator to homogenize the mixture and limpet coils to externally heat oil and ensure the uniform quality of the bleached oil. Its efficient design couples mechanical agitation with sparging steam for better contact between the oil and bleaching earth.

  • Space-saving design that reduces capital cost.
  • Low power consumption due to the ultra-efficient agitation system.
  • Sight glass to view and monitor product quality.
  • The vacuum system maintains product quality suitable for oil deodorization.
Technical specifications

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