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Speciality Extraction

The extraction plant has flexibility to process several different raw materials (Herbal plant material and spices) to produce aqueous and solvent extracts. To retain flexibility and ensure quality most of the process equipment will be having stainless steel contact parts. Raw materials such as Tulsi, Ginger grass, lemon grass, cardamom, cinnamon Ginger, Turmeric, Chilli, Annato seed, Black pepper, nut-mug, etc can be processed.

Preparation : To remove foreign impurities and to disintegrate into suitable size to facilitate extraction of active ingredients.

Extraction :

  • Aqueous extraction : By steam/water distillation for extracting essential oil water soluble extract separation of product and water.
  • Solvent extraction : By using various type of solvents depending on raw material to be processed for extracting active ingredients.
  • Solvent recovery : Extracted meal (spent raw material, extraction) and miscella containing active ingredient. The solvent from miscella is recovered under reduced pressure to avoid decomposition of heat sensitive active ingredient, concentrated product with traces of residual solvent is further processed under high vacuum. Recovered solvent is recirculated. Spent meal after drying can be sold as a by-product or can be used as boiler fuel / manure.
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