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  Flow Sheet-Soyabean Prepratory   Flow Sheet-Cake Prepratory
Seeds are properly cleaned into seed cleaner to remove unwanted material like dust, leafs, steins etc. Then the seed is subjected to Destoner to remove various sizes of stones / sand. This removal of unwanted material increases the life of machines & reduces the down time.

Four roll Cracker to break the seed into quarter and eight sized pieces comprising of Carbon steel frame, cast alloy rolls Double strand. Rolls Two (2) V- belts drive motor & Diverter gate. Hinge-Mounted Permanent magnet.


To correctly cook and condition the material prior to Flaker. Vertical, multi-stage unit with fabricated shell and trays where heating is carried out by indirect steam. The gates operated by mechanical level system automatically control the flow of material and the level in each stage. A central shaft driven by a gearbox carried agitator blades to ensure a good mix, a homogenous treatment of the material and prevents burning on the stage bottoms.  A vertical duct extracts exhaust vapors from each stage. Provision is made to adjust final moisture levels of the material by injecting water or direct steam.

Most seeds have tough oil bearing cellular structure which has to be ruptured or weakened prior to cooking and extraction. Flakers are normally used to increase the capacity of Expeller as well it reduces the wear & tear of the Expeller machines

Expander is mainly used to prepared collets from soya flakes. Collets increase the porosity which in turn increase percolation of hexane this yields faster extraction of oil from collets.

Huller Shaker is a machine where kernel is separated from the seed & the hulls are separated from the kernel. In this process, one can increase the capacity of the machine by doing de-hulling as well decrease the down time of the machine. This process is mainly used in case of Cotton Seed / Sunflower.
In this process the hulls are separated from the seeds & unbroken seeds are again subjected to Huller Shaker. It is used for minimum oil absorption and best separation of hulls from large meats and uncut seeds. This process is mainly used in case of Cotton Seed / Sunflower.
Double Drum Hull Beater is used to separate the kernel portion to hulls. This reduces the wastage of kernel going with hulls.
Hammer Mill is mainly used to disintegrate the product to desired size to have the proper Expelling. The Hammers (Beaters) are rectangular for efficient grinding & are made from hardened alloy steel. Hammer Mill is mainly used in case of Copra, Palm Kernel & Soya bean processing.

HM – A1 500 KGS 5/7.5 HP
HM – 1 1000 KGS 20 HP
HM – 2 2000 KGS 40 HP
HM – 3 3000 KGS 50 HP
HM – 5 5000 KGS 75 HP
HM – 8 8000 KGS 100 / 125 HP
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