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Arisdyne CFC Technology

Arisdyne Systems Inc- USA has more than 25 years of experience in the oils & fats industry to share most exciting, relatively new, yet already proven disruptive technologies that enhance performance of the refining operation while minimizing environmental impact, reducing the necessary acid and/or caustic addition, as well as decreasing oil loss with potential savings also in steam consumption and maintenance opex. Using the hydrodynamic principle of Controlled Flow Cavitation (CFC™), Arisdyne can warrant the efficient removal of gums, soaps, phosphorus, FFA and metals while minimizing, and in some cases even eliminating, the need for water washing or silica addition.

CFC™ in Lipid Refining Applications
  • More Efficient Removal of Phos./Metals/FFA
  • Less Phosphoric/Citric Acid/Caustic Soda
  • Less Silica/Bleaching Earth
  • May Eliminate need for Water Washing
  • Increased Oil Yield
  • Lower Operating Costs
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