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Since 2003, Kumar Metal Industries is in Joint Venture and Technical Collaboration with world leaders in oil extraction and refining plants, Crown Iron Works Company USA and Europa Crown UK to manufacture Solvent extraction and edible oil refining plants incorporating Crown Technology.

Today’s agricultural industry presents a challenge. It has two very specific needs: high-capacity oilseed processing equipment and low operating costs. As a world-leading designer and manufacturer of oilseed processing equipment, Crown meets the needs of the agricultural industry and beyond—every day.

As the largest supplier of oilseed preparation, extraction, refining, oleochemical/ biodiesel and specialty technology and equipment in North America, leading processing companies across the globe rely on the engineering capabilities of Crown Iron Works Company. Our engineered approach to reliable system design makes life easier for the processing professional who wants increased capacity, lower steam and utility usage and improved finished product quality.

In other words – Crown is up to the challenge of outfitting your changing industry with high-efficiency, cost-effective systems that will deliver for generations to come.

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